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The Rinx in Port Jefferson offers enjoyment all year

Kidsday reporter Katie Condon at The Rinx in

Kidsday reporter Katie Condon at The Rinx in Port Jefferson. Credit: Condon family

It’s winter and everyone is going ice skating. If you don’t know where to go ice skating, well, I have a fantastic place called The Rinx in Port Jefferson.

I’ve been there many times and it’s a lot of fun. The best part is the beautiful view of the water right where the ferries come in by the dock. Another great thing is down the street there are a lot of restaurants you can eat at before or after you ice skate, and you can take a hot chocolate break if you get a little tired!

Eventually winter is going be over and you will wish that you could still go there, but now you can because they opened up a roller skating rink for the spring and summer.

In fact, I got lucky because they opened it a few days before my birthday so I had my party there and my party was the absolute first roller skating party The Rinx ever had! The Rinx is so great that even most of the Girl Scout troops in Suffolk County go there for ice skating and roller skating every year.

It is located at 101 E. Broadway in Port Jefferson and its website is

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