Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

The Sands-Willets House lets you experience history

Do you know anything about the 1700s? How people lived, and how they survived without modern technology? If you are not sure, you should visit the Sands-Willets House.

The Sands-Willets House was built in the 1700s on a peninsula known in earlier times as Cow Neck, which is in Port Washington. Sands and Willets were the two families who lived under the roof. Behind the house, there is a Dutch barn.

Our class went there last year for a school trip. We were able to make apple pie and cornbread. You can play the games Colonial kids used to play, and dress up as colonial boys and girls. You also can play Colonial instruments. Finally, you can write with quill pens. Trust me, it is very hard to write with them.

Kids in my class last year said it was one of their favorite field trips. My classmate, Tasnim Loqman, said, "I had an amazing time." And I agree! Ask your teacher if you can visit there this year. To learn more, visit

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