Good Morning
Good Morning

The satisfaction of volunteering at a soup kitchen

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

On one summer evening, my uncle wanted me to join him helping out at a soup kitchen. I remember going inside and seeing a bunch of volunteers setting up tables and preparing the food. While I was there, I poured and gave out the beverages and also food.

I felt extremely good about myself because I was doing a very good thing. Sometimes you can see an army veteran who served our country. It is really nice to be able to give back to a veteran considering the fact that he or she sacrificed being with their families and was committed to serve and battle just to support our country.

There are many soup kitchens all around Long Island, and they are very easy to find. I was very happy to volunteer because I helped out so many people in need. I am looking forward to doing this again because it is a good way to spend free time.

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