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The story of Justinville v. Badville

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / MAX TUNNEY, LONG BEACH

So there is a thing in my English class that my teacher calls “sacred writing.” She says writing is good for us. She gives us 10 minutes to let our feelings out on the paper, write a story or just anything that pops into our minds.

Every day during sacred writing I write about one thing. I made up a city last year called Justinville and Justinville’s terrible neighbor, Badville. I write about how it was founded, how hatred was formed between Justinville and Badville, and also things like the invention of The Store. The Store is a huge place located in the middle of Justinville where you can buy literally everything, but Guy, the king of Badville, always sends people from Badville to rob the store. When he does, the Justinville army captures the people, puts them in the dungeon, and lastly, turns them to stone.

My class loves my stories when I share them after sacred writing. Everyone comes up with ideas for their stories that I would’ve never thought of. Overall, I think sacred writing and writing about Justinville is a great way to start English class every day.

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