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The story of the secret crush

Sometimes it is hard to tell your crush

Sometimes it is hard to tell your crush how you feel. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

It’s just a story (or is it?!). Is age 10 too young for that secret crush?

I am Maggie. I have a crush on Jason in my fifth-grade class. I feel like I’m basically invisible to him. I don’t know how to show him how much I like him.

One day Jason walks up to me, and I freeze up. It makes me so nervous to be around him. He looks at me and says, “Hi.” I don’t respond. The next day I decide to respond and show him how I feel. I buy him a box of chocolates and write:

“Hi. I am your secret admirer. OK, I really like you, but you barely know I am here. I hope that will change!” — Your Secret Admirer

When Jason sees it he thinks, “Who could it be?” He asks everyone in school. Then I walk up and ask, “You liked the chocolates?” And I walk away smiling.

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