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The Sugar Factory has something for the whole family

I recently went to the Sugar Factory Brasserie restaurant in Manhattan. It is a unique restaurant with fun sugary drinks, desserts and a candy store. It is located at 46 Gansevoort St. in Manhattan's Meat Packing District. (212-414-8700; On the menu, the Sugar Factory has a wide range of food, from breakfast to dinner. You can order a variety of pancakes and waffles, including specialty flavors such as Nutella, red velvet and apple pie. It also has appetizers such as fried macaroni and cheese pops, bruschetta and baked Brie. The restaurant has salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and steak. The best part about the Sugar Factory is the desserts and goblets.

The desserts at the Sugar Factory are pretty spectacular, and the reason I wanted to visit. They have chocolate fondue, ice cream, berries and cream, cakes, cupcakes and sugar. You can dip brownies, marshmallows, gummies and strawberries in milk chocolate. Be careful not to order the Chocolate Gold. It is made with truffles and costs $1,000 for six people.

The Goblets are their special drinks. Goblets are served in a big, round glass filled with joy. Inside can be gummies floating around, topped off with lollipops. Some flavors include Ocean Blue, Passion Punch, Berry Bliss and Mai Tai. The glasses are 60 ounces, so prepare to share with a friend.

I recommend this place for the whole family. Everyone can find something to eat there, and people of all ages will feel like a kid.

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