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'The Tapper Twins' review: All about pranks

I read "The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other)," by Geoff Rodkey (Little Brown). The book is about 12-year-old twins Reese and Claudia. Claudia did more pranks and Reese was pranked a lot, but he did a huge prank on his sister as payback.

He made a video of her singing "The Vest Song," which was a song that Claudia made up, and everyone thought it was about a boy. This embarrassed her, so the rest of the time she pranked Reese for revenge. For example, Claudia put a fish in his backpack and destroyed his video game world that he spent countless hours creating. But since the administrator of the server let her do it, he set a timer for 48 hours to redo their buildings so it's not deleted, which she did not know, so she was a little mad but happy because she started to feel bad about it.

I recommend the book to kids who don't like long chapter books, and want a book that starts out exciting.

Rating: 5 smiles

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