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The Tube is better than a fanny pack

We tried out The Tube,

a wearable waistband

( It's better than a fanny pack because it is flat against you and it is made of a stretchy material. It can be used for sports, just wearing it around the house or outside. It is a great helping hand when you just might need it. The Tube is also good to use when you don't have pockets.

A reason why The Tube is useful is it can hold a lot of small items, such as your phone or wallet. Some scenarios when you might need The Tube are when you are running and your exercise pants don't have pockets. You can hold any of your small things while running, such as a pedometer. If you are someone who needs medication and you are going somewhere for the day, you can pop your pills in The Tube.

Other things you can put in there are your house keys, ear buds or a treat -- you can fit candy or gum in there. You can wear it for many sports like baseball and soccer. In the winter, you can wear it as a hand warmer or it can hold your stuff while skiing or snowboarding. Our one complaint: It is not waterproof.

Rating: 4.5 smiles

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