Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

The up and downside of fantasy sports

There are many different fantasy sports such as football, baseball, basketball, etc . . . These fantasy sports make billions of dollars every year. One fantasy company, FanDuel, claims to pay out millions.

Most people think fantasy sports just started a few years ago, but actually fantasy sports started shortly after World War II. It soared in popularity around 2007. The question is, "How young is too young to play?" Believe it or not, I know some kids who are sports fanatics who started playing by age 7 with their parents and older siblings. When you sign up for fantasy sports, it says you have to be 13. Kids that are younger than the age allowed shouldn't do fantasy sports because I think it is a form of gambling. If they keep playing fantasy sports, they might grow up to be addicted to gambling. They may not learn how to handle money responsibly. Playing fantasy sports may be OK for fun, but at this age, I think we should just enjoy watching the games as fans.

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