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There's lots to do in Colonial Williamsburg

Are you interested in colonial times? Then go to Colonial Williamsburg, where secrets about the Revolutionary War will be revealed! What are some of the places you can visit in Colonial Williamsburg? One place is the Governor's Palace. The Governor's Palace is a huge building with many rooms.

Another place you can visit is the Capitol. There you can see a colonist from Revolutionary War times stand on the steps and read the Declaration of Independence. You can also see a parade of the British and Colonists walking by in their uniforms, playing a beat on drums and ready to fight.

You can also go to a place where you can see all the tools used during the war, such as guns, gunpowder, and cannons. There are little houses around this area, where you can watch how people made their things. There is a blacksmith shop, a shoe shop, a tailor shop, and the silversmith. There is also a church, a bakery, and tons of restaurants where all the food is made from scratch.

There is also an art museum where you can see old instruments, furniture, and lots of paintings and drawings from the Revolutionary War times. For more:

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