Good Evening
Good Evening

These are the apps that keep me appy

The Apple app store has more than 650,000 apps to choose from. My favorite apps include Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, 8tracks, Squaready, Snapchat and Netflix.

Tumblr is an app where I can go to express myself and find new music.

Vine is an app where you can watch people for six seconds, at the most, making fools out of themselves to try to make you laugh. Most of the time, it works.

8Tracks is my favorite app, because you can make and listen to music tracks with eight songs or more.

Squaready puts a colored background on your pictures, so you can later post the photo on a site of your choosing (for Instagram users).

Snapchat is the most fun app, because you can send funny pictures to your friends, and no matter how bad you look in the picture, how funny the face you make, the picture deletes right after the person who receives it opens it.

Netflix cures my boredom every night before I go to sleep. I watch TV show reruns and movies when I have nothing better to do.

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