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Thumbprint locks keep lockers secure

Thumbprint locks are good for students in middle school or high school. They keep everything safe in your locker and nobody can get in because nobody has your thumbprint! You don't even need a combination because you always have your thumb.

Also, it's way easier to get into your locker when you have a thumbprint lock. If you are late to class, just easily open up your locker by scanning your thumb quickly, get your books, and go to class. It's also easier for the school janitor to stop running around and getting the key to your locker and unlocking it and . . . well, you know that takes a while. With thumbprint locks you don't need a combination -- you need your thumb.

We know that you will enjoy this lock if you forget things like codes. One way to get these thumbprint locks is to do a fundraiser to earn money to pay for it for the school. We think this is the future for all schools.


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