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Tic Tac Tongue game review: A fun way to finally lick your rival

Kidsday reporters Arik Alif, left, and Muzammil Fayaz

Kidsday reporters Arik Alif, left, and Muzammil Fayaz tested Tic Tac Tongue. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

In Tic Tac Tongue (Yulu) you wear a frog mask, and when you blow, your long froggie tongue shoots out so you can "eat" the insects. 

The game comes with four masks and several cards with numbers and insects printed on them. There are small stands  with slots to insert the cards.  Players compete by shooting out their tongues to hit the cards with the tongue.

We think the item looks weird but funny, and it’s actually a lot of fun. You can play with up to four players and it’s a race to get the cards, so you have to be fast to beat them. You have to blow faster than the other player or else you’ll lose the game. It did make us tired to blow out so much. Tic Tac Tongue is a silly, fun family game.

Ages: 6 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Kathryn Hunter’s fourth-grade class, South Country Elementary School, Bay Shore

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