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Time to call it quits with your phone?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Westbury

Are people attached to their phones?

When you go out, do you see people just staring into their phones, not even paying attention to the world around them? It’s not healthy at all. I think people spend too much time on their phones.

According to, the average person spends 144 minutes of every 16 hours on their phone. That’s close to three hours! Obviously, it’s horrible for your eyes, just staring into your phone. The radiation from the phone might even cause cancer, the site says.

Most people sleep with their phones with them. Admit it, you do it, too. The Federal Communications Commission says you should keep a 20-centimeter distance from your phone. A university in Sweden proved that the constant buzzing and alerts cause stress. Also, the greasy stuff on your phone has germs that increase the risk of illness in your immune system.

Finally, it’s bad for your joints. Rapid texting is bad for your fingers. So, think again before you spend all day on your phone — go outside!

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