In the 1960s and ’70s things were way cheaper than what they cost now. What is the difference, you ask? Well, for example, gas now is about $2.20 a gallon. Back then gas cost $.55 cents a gallon. Wow! What a difference.

A postage stamp was 4 cents and now it is 49 cents.

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Tickets to some Mets seats were $2.50 and now they can be in the hundreds.

A candy bar was about 5 cents and now it is more than a $1.

Also, movie tickets now cost about $11 a person. In 1971, movie tickets cost about $1.50 a person. That was a good deal.

What about college? It is so expensive now!

Now, everything on Long Island is so expensive. Soon enough, things won’t be affordable to people who don’t have a lot of money. There was a big difference of money in the ’70s than in the 2000s. If they keep on raising the prices, the things that they make in the future won’t be affordable at all.