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STEM projects for LI kids

Kidsday reporter Emily Baker and her younger sister,

Kidsday reporter Emily Baker and her younger sister, Donna, with their STEM crates. Credit: Baker family

Do you like science? Well, if the answer is yes, you might consider buying these.

Tinker Crates are hands-on STEM kits that you get in the mail every month. The company sorts the experiments by age. A Cricket Crate is an explore and discover activity for 24- to 36-month-old kids. A Koala Crate is a play-and-learn activity for ages 3-4. A Kiwi Crate is a science and art activity for ages 5-8. A Doodle Crate is an art and design kit for ages 9 and older. And lastly, a Tinker Crate is a science or engineering experiment for anyone 9 or older. We receive the Tinker Crate every month. Make sure that you choose the right level, or else it will be very challenging.

So far, we have gotten kits to make a bottle rocket, a catapult, a little robot and many more. The kit comes with everything you may need. It also comes with an instruction sheet, a blueprint and a booklet showing how it works. The experiments take from 10 minutes to one hour to fully complete. You may need help or parental supervision. They are very fun, and we learned a lot from them.

They cost about $20 each but are cheaper if you get a year-long subscription. Learn more at

Linda Vaianella’s fifth-grade class, Boyle Road Elementary School, Port Jefferson Station

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