Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Tips for a great new school year

It's September and you know what that means . . . that's right, back to school month! The best part of a new school year is friends, learning, decorating your desk or locker, and having fun! Here are steps you could follow to have a great start:

Resolve that this is a brand-new school year. Leave last year's problems behind you.

Let kids know by your actions that this is a fresh new you. Stand up straight and proud!

Join teams or clubs. Get involved in your school or community. It's a great way to meet friends, too!

Take notes in class and listen to the teacher. This way you can remember what the teacher has taught you, and you can use it when you're doing your homework or on a test.

Study. Studying helps you memorize what you have learned -- you never know when you might need to use those facts again.

Tell the teacher if you're having trouble. If you don't, the class will just keep moving on and you'll fall behind.

Treat everyone the same way that you would want to be treated. If you don't, kids will start treating you badly.

Find kids who appreciate you.

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