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Tips for back-to-school shopping and getting organized

To save on school supplies, check for sales

To save on school supplies, check for sales and don't procrastinate. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kuipi Lam, Jericho

Can you believe school is right around the corner? There are so many tips that you can use, like organization tips and back-to-school shopping tips. There are also a lot of ways to make your school supplies more fun and colorful.

One tip for back-to-school shopping is to shop now rather than later because as you get closer to the start of the new year, prices may go up. We also suggest being careful about shopping in the back-to-school section because prices could be marked up there, too. You can also save your supplies from your previous school year, such as binders, folders, dividers, etc. Before you get your new school year list, consider going online to buy your school backpack because it may be crowded in stores around the back-to-school section.

To organize your colored spiral notebooks, you can mark the top of the pages with a highlighter in the same color. With a black marker, you can write what subject the notebook is for.

Sometimes, do you just want your school supplies to be more fun and colorful? Try adding colorful paper or a paper with a quote in the front pocket of your binder. Another way to make your school supplies more fun is by putting washi tape or colorful tape around your pencils or binders to brighten your day. To make your notebooks even more vibrant, you can doodle on the front cover with different colored markers.

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