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Tips for feeding and taking care of pet rabbits

Kidsday reporter Amaya Cigliano with her rabbits, Alfie,

Kidsday reporter Amaya Cigliano with her rabbits, Alfie, left, and Francis. Credit: Cigliano family

Rabbits are great house pets. I have two pet rabbits, Francis and Alfie.

Here are the basics to care for them. One of the best ways to care for them is just to keep them safe. Keep your rabbits indoors, because it’s easy for them to get lost. They also need to stay safe from animals that might chase them, such as cats or dogs. Rabbits can live in a puppy pen, but they need to get out of their cages to exercise.

You can let them hop around on the floor. Keep an eye on them while they’re outside of their cages because they love to nibble on wires. Did you know that rabbits don’t only love carrots? Alfie’s and Francis’ favorite treats are bananas.

Speaking of food, you need to feed them special rabbit food found at places like Petco. Twice a day, you feed them a scoop of pellets. One scoop is for breakfast. One is for dinner, along with a mixture of garden vegetables such as lettuce, parsley and celery. They also need lots of water.

One last fun thing you can do is take a cardboard box and cut a door in it to make a house for a rabbit. They love to hide in safe places.

Rabbits are wonderful pets to have.

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