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Good Evening

Tips for getting along with teachers and classmates

Having a good relationship with your teachers makes

Having a good relationship with your teachers makes it easier to learn. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ines Barros, Southampton

When you go back to school, there are three things you have to do. First, make and keep new friends; second, don’t be a smart mouth; and third, the most important, make a good impression on your teacher. If you’re one of those kids who find it hard to do the last one, here are some helpful hints:

Three things you can do to create a good impression on a teacher are to have all your school supplies, have your homework done on time and give a gesture to the teacher to sweeten your name.

When you have all your supplies, your teacher will be not only happy but also proud of you. Also, you need to replenish the supplies throughout the year. The basics are sharp pencils, erasers, glue and lots of notebooks.

When you do your homework all the time, your parents will hear good things about you. Also, on your report card you will earn 100 percent with homework. When your parents see that, they may even give you a surprise gift.

Also, the last hint is to give a gesture to him or her to sweeten up your name. By that I mean give your teacher a little gift, such as a flag of your teacher’s favorite hockey or sports team. The best thing is a homemade gift. That will be sure to put you on top. And for a bonus, look up some big words to use to impress your teacher.

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