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Tips for how to study for exams

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Are you ready for your exams? How about just basic studying? Here are some ideas that work for us:

PLAN YOUR TIME This will help your studying by giving your brain time to interpret all the information. Study for 30 minutes; take 5- to 10-minute breaks. Don’t rush all your studying into one night.

CHEW GUM It can help you focus. Also, if you chew the same gum flavor while you’re studying and then while taking the test, there can be a chance that you can remember the material you studied.

PICK THE RIGHT CLASSMATE Study with a friend who knows the material and won’t go off topic. If you study with your best friend, you might not be able to focus because your friend might do anything but work.

WRITE IMPORTANT STUFF IN COLOR INK Writing in highlighters will help you remember the important sentences. When you write notes in class, remember to highlight the important stuff so you can look back at your notes. The important information will pop out at you right away.

USE A STUDY APP If you study this way, there might be a chance that you will be a lot more interested in studying. Make sure you study on a device that won’t distract you with your Snapchat messages and Instagram notifications.

TEACH SOMEONE WHAT YOU KNOW Teach a parent or student who knows nothing about the topic you are studying. Teaching someone about the topic you are learning can help you understand it more than just memorize. It can help you build confidence also.

MAKE WORD PROBLEMS FUN If you are doing word problems for math, change the problem to make it a little more interesting. For example, you can incorporate your name into the problem. You can also make it into characters of a show, movie or game.


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