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Tips on TV, Broadway auditions for kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Madison Beehner

Do you dream of being on TV or Broadway? Auditions are what actors have to do to make their dreams a reality. To get serious auditions, like for Disney Channel shows or Broadway productions, you need an agent. Agents try to find you auditions. I have been training for two years to try to get an audition that might lead to a starring role. I have some tips for you on how to prepare for an audition.

Always research the show or movie you are auditioning for. Know the tune of all of the songs that your possible part would sing. Research the plot and characters.

Memorize any lines you are given ahead of time. If you find out about an audition the day before, then only memorize the first and last line.

Practice your lines with your super cool friends, then you can brag about how cool and possibly famous you are.

If you don’t get the role, don’t get discouraged. Going into the audition, you shouldn’t assume you are going to get the part you wanted, or any part.

The competition is fierce and there are a lot of talented kids out there. If you do get a role, be modest and proud of yourself. You did it! Remember, always try your best and never be afraid.

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