I am very athletic, and one of my favorite sports to play is soccer. I have a trainer for the sport and I work with her a few days a week to improve my game.

Here are some things I do: I run four to five laps. Next is skill work and we work with tennis balls, size 1 soccer balls, and size 5 balls. After that, we dribble around and practice our skills while we run. We practice attacking and opening up the field. We also practice passing. Finally, we practice shooting.

Here are a few simple tips that can improve your game immediately:

n Don’t kick the ball with your toe.

n When dribbling, keep your body over the ball to protect it.

n Always look up.

n Communicate with your teammates.

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n Practice passing the ball back and forth with a partner.

n Practice with different sized soccer balls to learn control.

n Work on running with the ball.

n Touch the ball each step when you dribble.