Many students have a difficult time while studying for quizzes or tests. This can prevent these students from performing better on assessments. Here are some tips that help me:

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While studying, I listen to classical music, which helps me to focus and relax.

  • Taking 10- to 15-minute breaks in between studying for 40 minutes also helps me to relax.
  • Chewing mint gum sharpens my focus and helps me to remember things while reviewing subjects.
  • Spread out your studying over a span of as many days as you possibly can. The more time you have, the better.
  • A great way to test what you know is “teaching” content to a family member or friend about things you know.
  • Have a study buddy to bounce off important things you know about the subject.
  • Try not to remember things word-for-word on review sheets with tons of questions: Grasp the main idea and keep it rolling!
  • Reward yourself with favorite snacks or breaks as motivation. Things like nuts, fruits and even fish help improve the brain.