Good Evening
Good Evening

Tips to make reading more fun and enjoyable

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jordan Giorlando, Rocky Point

Many kids probably don’t enjoy reading, but we will have to keep reading, and not just books, for the rest of our lives. We might as well start to enjoy it! So here are three ways you can get into reading.

One way is to keep reading and keep practicing and maybe even ask someone for guidance so you can get better. Once you get better, you’ll be more confident and look forward to it when it comes to reading.

The second way is to read books that interest you and that you enjoy. If you’re not enjoying a book you’re reading, then you won’t be looking forward to it when it comes to reading it.

Last, but not least, have a positive attitude and be curious! If you’re already having doubts and don’t even want to try to enjoy the book, then you won’t. If you have good vibes toward it, then you’ll enjoy it.

Hope those tips worked and now you’ll be reading a lot more and enjoying it.

Jaclyn Graham’s students, Plaza Elementary School, Baldwin

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