Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Torpedo skateboard, Nutcase helmet a great combination

Kidsday reporter Brian Morgan tests the Kryptonics Torpedo

Kidsday reporter Brian Morgan tests the Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard and Nutcase helmet. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

My job was to test and review the Island Tropics Torpedo skateboard (Kryptonics) and the Nutcase Constellations helmet.

The board is great for kids age 12 and younger. It’s easy and convenient to store because it’s not as long as a real board. The board has a nice design as well as the helmet, but that’s not all.

What I like most about the helmet is the adjustable knob on the back to fit your head. In the back of the helmet there is a reminder of why we wear helmets. It exclaims, “I love my brain.” The pads and adjustable knob are removable (if it already fits or if some part is bugging you), and the straps are easy to use. Without applying pressure, you connect them together to lock. The design is astronomy-themed with constellations filling every inch of the helmet.

The board is excellent for full control because of its small size. The grip on the board is strong with the sandpaper making it rough on top. The only problem was the turning, which was difficult. The wheels were a nice greenish clear color, and the board design was awesome. There was tropical feeling to it with the green-blue color in with the leaves. The tropical-like board and constellation helmet are amazing together. This is an outstanding helmet and board.

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5.

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