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Tourists in East Hampton

East Hampton is our town. We love it here but so do a lot of other people. Many come to live in East Hampton during the summer months. When they do, there are a lot of changes, both good and bad. We wanted to find out what the students in our school thought about tourists, so we did a survey.

We surveyed 91 students in grades six to eight about how they felt about having a lot of tourists in East Hampton. Thirty-one students loved having tourists in town, and 60 did not like having them around.

The main reasons why students don't like having so many tourists in town is because of the overcrowding and traffic. Many students think it takes too much time to get to places, and it is very difficult to get around town.

Some of the reasons why we like having tourists around is because we can make new friends, and we like that so many people love our town as much as we do. It is part of what makes our town unique. It is also nice to learn about people who come from different areas. Also, because of the amount of people who come here, our local economy benefits from the money.

Living in a tourist town has its ups and downs. We enjoy sharing our town with those who love, treat and respect East Hampton like we do. Whichever way you think, East Hampton is the best place to be!


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