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My memories growing up with Toys R Us

Kidsday reporter Jake Zaslaw, of St. Anne's School,

Kidsday reporter Jake Zaslaw, of St. Anne's School, Garden City, at Toys R Us, where his father used to work. Credit: Zaslow family

My father used to work for Toys R Us until they had to close their doors in June 2018. I loved when my father worked there because he would buy me all the newest toys before they hit the shelves.

Besides getting new toys, my dad’s job also supported our family financially. His job gave me the opportunity to have a Catholic school education and attend after-school sports. I was very sad when I found out about all the stores closing because I thought my life would change and I might have to give up some of my favorite things.

The thing I miss the most about Toy R Us closing is not being able to go to work with my dad. A few times a year I would go to work with my dad on the weekend and help stock the shelves and put up sales signs. I even helped customers find gifts for their kids. I would also be asked by customers if I could help them pick up toys for their kids who were my age.

I made lots of new friends with the store associates, and I hope that all kids get to have the same fun experience I had with my dad. I even got to be the mascot Geoffrey one time.

Michelle Indrieri’s fifth-grade class, St. Anne's School, Garden City

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