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Good Evening

Tracing our ancestry from around the world

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Nicholas Theologitis

Everyone has a different heritage. Maybe some kids are from Asia, South America or even Croatia. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what other countries kids are from?

Well, just look at the map in our school cafeteria! It is of the entire world. It shows countries and where they are located. If you are Polish, you are from Poland. You can look at the map and see where Poland is located.

Or if you are Irish, your ancestors came from Ireland, and you can see where Ireland is located. It is very interesting to see how many countries there actually are. Hundreds!

At my school we have people from all over the world, all different nationalities. For example I am Greek, Irish and Polish. So my ancestors originated from Greece, Ireland and Poland.

What I think is most interesting about the map is learning where all the countries are located and seeing how far my ancestors traveled to come to America.

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