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Tips to help your puppy be happy, calm and obedient

Kidsday reporter Kian Corticchia of Daniel Street Elementary

Kidsday reporter Kian Corticchia of Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst, and his dog, Bailey. Credit: Corticchia family

"Bailey! The door!" Bam!

You know there is a problem when your dog slams into the living room’s screen door three times a week. I have a 1-year-old puppy, Bailey, and she is very jumpy. Bailey can see the squirrel outside dancing around, and is just too hyper to wait for the door to slide open.

This is why I started to learn how to calm my puppy. I’ve tried many strategies to keep her calm and only a few have worked. You can try it too, if you have a hyper puppy!

The first strategy is to start rubbing your dog’s chest. It’s not a belly rub, it’s a calming strategy. You put gentle pressure on your dog and it will begin to settle down.

A second method is to tell your puppy to sit. If your puppy will sit, give her a treat. You will then try to gently push the dog to lie down. Don’t do it hard because it may try to bite or do something such as fighting and growling or running away. While the puppy is lying down, rub its belly. It will make the dog start to close its eyes and be very calm. Once you have done that, start rubbing its ears. Is your puppy calm? If so, I hope you will use this method again.

One other common problem is jumping. My puppy is always jumping. Sometimes puppies just can’t help themselves. Make sure you have a safe bone (not from chicken, pork or any cooked bone) for the puppy to chew on. That will distract the puppy so it doesn't jump.

If that does not work, here is another way. If your puppy knows how to sit, then command it to sit. If not, help it. Brush the dog's fur down from its head to its back. Do this at least for a few minutes, then your puppy will be calm.

Michelle Perino's fourth-grade class, Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst

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