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If your soccer goal is making a travel team

Kidsday reporter Alayna McCoy in goal for her

Kidsday reporter Alayna McCoy in goal for her travel team. Credit: McCoy family

Intramural soccer is a fun thing to do. I was in intramural soccer for a year. If you are playing on that level, how do you know when you are ready to move up to a travel soccer team?

I am in travel soccer right now. Travel soccer can have lots of running. If you are not a good runner, that’s OK.

The difference between intramural soccer and travel soccer is simple for me. Intramural soccer is for beginners who just want to play soccer. Travel soccer is for people who really want to play against teams and really want to learn and get better at soccer. You play with better players and you play against better teams. If you really like soccer and want to continue to improve, this might be for you. If you just like it and just like being on a team but don’t want to put a lot of time into it because of school, other sports or family reasons, you might want to stay with intramural-level soccer.

If you really like soccer, then you would really love travel soccer. Travel soccer also makes you a good runner. As you can see, I really have fun with soccer. and you could have fun with it, too.

Emily Cole and Kathy Devine’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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