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Traveling without your parents is (mostly) awesome

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

This year our fifth-grade class was lucky enough to tour Washington, D.C., for three days. And, in my opinion, the best part was having no parents. But, without parents, it was a little scary, too. Traveling without parents had several positive and negative aspects you should be aware of. Let’s get to it.

First of all, it was really nice to have no parents to judge our every move.

We had roommates, whom we chose, and we could stay up extremely late and do silly challenges and play crazy games! During the day, we were free to spend our money however we wanted, like buying a sweatshirt or stuffed animal we always wanted. We could explore museums and no one stopped us.

To be blunt, traveling without parents was pretty nice.

While there were a bunch of pros, there were some obvious cons, too. First off, after buying that new kangaroo plush, we were out of cash and just hope that we weren’t too hungry for dinner. And, that sweatshirt, it was too hot outside to wear it and our backpacks were stuffed. Who was going to carry it now? And, finally, we slept through our alarm and missed the tour bus. Maybe if our moms had been there, they would have woken us up.

Traveling without parents is great and pretty tough at the same time.

Would you travel without your mom and dad? You should definitely think about it.


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