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Treasure Island Desserts in East Meadow is one sweet spot

Kidsday reporter Emily Carroll with Treasure Island Desserts

Kidsday reporter Emily Carroll with Treasure Island Desserts owner Seth Sackowitz. Credit: Carroll family

You might ask yourself, “Where should I go if I feel like having a dessert or want to hang out with friends?” The answer is simple. You should go to Treasure Island Desserts in East Meadow. The owner, Seth Sackowitz, makes sure everything is clean and fresh when the business opens each day.

Seth says the customers speak for themselves when picking their favorite flavors of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and so much more. The most popular flavor of frozen yogurt is toasted s’mores, and there are seasonal flavors like minty shamrock, one of my personal favorites. Vanilla ice cream, Fruity Pebble milkshakes, strawberry-banana smoothies, hazelnut and seasonal Nutella iced coffee, the famous cookie dough and Reese’s peanut butter cup toppings are all very popular. On average, Seth uses 25 pounds of cookie dough topping each week. Finally, Treasure Island Desserts also makes cakes. Seth created the amazing frozen yogurt cake, either low-fat or nonfat, which is good for health-conscious people.

He told me about 1,000 people visit Treasure Island Desserts each week. People love it because it is not a chain. Seth’s favorite part of his job is meeting all of his customers and getting to know them. While I was interviewing Seth, about 10 customers came in, and he knew all of their names.

Did you ever wonder what Seth’s favorite foods from Treasure Island Desserts are? He says that if he could buy anything, it would have to be the caramel banana gelato. He also sells saltwater taffy. I wondered why it was called Treasure Island Desserts. Seth says the name Treasure Island Desserts is fun, interesting and totally expresses the store’s theme.

Treasure Island Desserts is a great place for kids and teens to hang out. You can grab a snack and do some homework or even just hang out on cool chairs and talk. The location is also great because there are many other businesses nearby such as a gym and a restaurant, so you can go to two places at once.

Treasure Island Desserts is a great place to go. Whatever you like, whether it be ice cream, frozen yogurt or even coffee, you have to remember, there’s always room for dessert! It’s located at 2575 Hempstead Tpke., East Meadow; go online to

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