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Good Evening

Try a mud run

Are you allowed to completely cover yourself in mud? Probably not, but I have a way to get muddy for a really good reason! Enter an obstacle race that's a mud run.

When you do a mud run, it's a total mud bath. And you are allowed to throw mud on your dad, your mom, your brother or your sister. But don't think it's that easy; it is 3 miles and has lots of obstacles. Some of them are running up a seesaw, climbing up a steep rock wall, running through a pool of mud, sliding into a little pool of mud and jumping over fire. If it sounds fun, you should try it.

I did one in September in Riverhead, and it was challenging. It was a lot of fun for me, but it was hard work, too. You should make sure you are an active person so you can really enjoy it.

Want to try one? Start training! There is one on May 4. It will be at the

Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp, 3186 Sound Ave. in Riverhead. To learn more, visit

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