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Try Kilwins in Patchogue for great ice cream, chocolate

Kidsday reporters Angeles Avecillas, left, and Julia Roeder

Kidsday reporters Angeles Avecillas, left, and Julia Roeder at Kilwins in Patchogue. Credit: Roeder family

We went to a very nice ice cream shop on East Main Street in Patchogue called Kilwins. From the minute we walked in, the smell was so divine that we didn’t know what to get.

Kilwins opened in 2015, and not only does it sell ice cream, it also sells chocolate. It has 32 ice cream flavors altogether but the flavors change every month or so. There are 12 staff members. The best-selling ice cream flavor is salted caramel. The shop even makes its own homemade caramel to cover the apples and more.

We think Kilwins is a very fun shop. We recommend that you definitely go there. It is a great place just to sit and relax with friends and family after school or after a game or just to treat yourself. It’s sweet and perfect on a sunny, hot day to eat ice cream with your friends and family.

Kilwins also has locations in Babylon, Port Jefferson and Huntington; look them up online at

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