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Try Num Noms: A whole menu of sweet-smelling, colorful toys

Kidsday reporter Kaylen Zheng with her Num Noms

Kidsday reporter Kaylen Zheng with her Num Noms collectibles. Credit: Zheng family

Have you ever heard of Num Noms? Well, feast your eyes on this. Num Noms are small colorful toys that smell like a variety of different flavors. These little toys may come in packs with nums or noms. There are cupcake nums and ice cream nums. Noms are motorized or can be lipgloss too.

What are nums? They are soft, squishy and colorful, and they smell super-duper good. Some examples of cupcake nums are Choco Nana, Lemony Burst, Sweetie Strawberry, Raspberry Cream and Orange Swirl. There are even special editions. Some examples of special editions are Minty Swirl and Choco Berry. Also there are ice cream nums such as Tango Mango, Lisa Lemon, Orange Sherbet, Orange Twirl, Strawberry Sprinkles, Minty Chip and Van Minty.

What are noms? Noms are hard, made of plastic and move, and they can be filled with lip gloss. When you take the tab out of the motorized noms they will not start moving until you press the colored bow on top of the nom. They will start vibrating and move around. You can have races and cover the noms with the nums. The lip gloss noms are different colors. When you lift the cap there is the lip gloss. They are different colors and smell like their names.

If I didn’t give you enough information, you can find out more by looking them up online:

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