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Try skiing or snowboarding

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kevin Godette, Far Rockaway

Some kids like skiing, some like snowboarding, and some people do both or don’t do either. Whether you ski or snowboard, you have to do them in cold weather. Cold states like Vermont and Colorado are very good places to do them.

Skiing is a fun sport. You can ski down a small hill if you’re a beginner (this is usually known as a green circle) or a big hill (like a blue square or black diamond) if you have been skiing for a long time. It is really easy to move, but much harder to stop. If you have never skied before you should definitely take lessons. Once you’re an expert you can ski down any hill you want; you can even ski through trees or on one ski! If you are skiing you will have fun!

Snowboarding is a fun sport where you have to place both feet on one board and slide down a hill, just like skiing. Snowboarding is much harder than skiing, in my opinion, but some people love snowboarding and think it is much easier than skiing. You can snowboard on the same hills that skiers are skiing on.

Whether you ski or snowboard, you are bound to have fun. Wherever and whenever you’re doing it, it will be great. Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter sports, so have fun!

I surveyed 56 kids and 19 kids preferred snowboarding, 20 kids liked skiing, and 17 kids didn’t do either. I think you should try both.

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