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Try this hot dog mummy experiment

During our sixth-grade Egypt studies we performed an experiment. Our project was mummies. Only we did not do a normal project. We mummified a hot dog!

If you want to try it for yourself, here are the steps: First, put on gloves. Measure the circumference of the hot dog with a string. To do this, you must wrap it around the middle of the hot dog. Make sure you mark the string where the ends meet. Measure the string next to a ruler and record the correct measurement of the marking. Record other characteristics of the hot dog (size, color, texture, etc.).

Next, put at least one inch of (unused) baking soda (this will dry out the dog) in an airtight storage container. Lay the hot dog flat on top of the baking soda. Cover the hot dog with at least one more inch of baking soda, making sure the hot dog has baking soda along its sides and is completely covered on top. After one week, check on the hot dog. Remeasure it.

Then, get rid of the old baking soda and clean out the container, making sure it is dry. Repeat the earlier steps with baking soda. It should remain undisturbed for one more week. After the week has passed check on the hot dog. With all the baking soda off the hot dog, how does it look and smell now? How is its condition different from that of the first day?

Measure it again. Whatever you do, don't eat the mummified hot dog! We thought it was a fun two-week experiment.

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