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Try your hand at animation

Have you ever thought about how to make animations? Well this is the kit for you. It's called "Animation Studio" by Helen Piercy (Candlewick Press).

It explains the different types of animations you can do at home and tells you how they work.

"Animation Studio" comes with storyboard samples, settings, a director's handbook, a foldout set, and press-out models and props to get you started on the road to animation.

Piercy writes in the handbook that she was fascinated with animation ever since she was a little girl. She offers hints and tips to get you started. You can use your cellphone or digital camera to capture your animation.

There are many types of animations you can do. One example is the flip book. You take Post-its or the edge of your notebook and use the previous drawing you did as a guide. "Animation Studio" shows you how these types of animations are used in movies.

"Animation Studio" teaches you some easy ways you can do your own animation at home, with your friends and family. "Animation Studio" is teaching the different things you can do for animation and on how to make animations. It is a great introduction.

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