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Trying out new Jell-O treats at Haven’s Kitchen in Manhattan

Kidsday reporters at the taste testing of new

Kidsday reporters at the taste testing of new Jell-O products in Manhattan. From left, Seamus Smith, Maceo Blumberg, Isabella Basini and Kaelynn Sirizzotti. Photo Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We visited Haven’s Kitchen in Manhattan to try different and brand-new Jell-O products. The ones we tried were part of the new Simply Good line. They have no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colorings and no artificial flavors. This may make your parents extra happy, but after trying some flavors, we were definitely happy, too.

The Jell-O gelatin flavors we tried were Mixed Berry, Orange Tangerine, Pineapple Orange, and Strawberry. Mixed Berry was our favorite because it was fruity and very good, but we loved all of the flavors.

The Jell-O pudding flavors we tried were Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, and Banana. We recommend the banana flavor because it wasn’t as strong as other flavors and tasted like you were eating an actual banana. Yum!

You may be wondering how the new Jell-O compares with the “old Jell-O” — well, it was 10 times better. These tasted so great. We were able to try every new flavor in many different ways. We could put our own toppings on the Jell-O, like fresh fruit, cookies, pretzels, and so much more.

Our favorite was the Mixed Berry Smoothie. It was delicious. Here’s how you can make it:


½ cup of boiling water

1 package (3 oz.) Jello-O Simply Good Mixed Berry Flavor Gelatin

1 ½ cups of frozen unsweetened mixed berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

½ cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt

¼ cup each fresh blueberries and raspberries


1. Add boiling water to gelatin mix in small bowl

2. Stir two minutes until completely dissolved, and cool 5 minutes.

3. Pour gelatin into blender. Add frozen berries and yogurt; blend until smooth.

4. Pour into four bowls. Top with fresh berries.

There are other recipes that you can find on the Jell-O website too:


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