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Trying out the onesies trend for Halloween

Kidsday reporters Olivia Tozzi and Deirdre McCallen in

Kidsday reporters Olivia Tozzi and Deirdre McCallen in their onesies. Photo Credit: Valerie Hanley

So what’s the deal with onesies? We became aware of the onesie trend two years ago when we began to see some of our favorite YouTube personalities using them in their videos. Some onesies of note have been unicorns, Christmas trees and various animals.

We decided to try this trend out for ourselves this past Halloween. Our costume idea sparked a schoolwide movement in which almost half of the population of our school went trick-or-treating in a onesie.

Our personal choices were to beg for candy inside a cow and a penguin. We soon found that wearing onesies was a freeing experience. We were warm, comfortable and trendy. No one who wore a onesie on Halloween night in Southampton this year had to worry about becoming cold or losing random costume pieces. The best part about our onesie experience is that they double as fabulous pajamas and it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re dressed as a cow or penguin!

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