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Trying to get a dog? These tips might help persuade parents

Petting a dog can help calm you down.

Petting a dog can help calm you down. It also can build immunity to allergies at a young age. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Nicholas Castel, Franklin Square

Are you having trouble convincing your parents to get you a dog? Here are some benefits of owning a dog. Bring these up the next time you are having a conversation about pets, and they just might change their mind:

  • Resistance to allergies: Growing up with a dog from a young age can help prevent allergies and asthma. When you are exposed to the dirt, dander and fur during childhood, you build an immunity. Having a furry friend in the house can lower your risk by as much as 33 percent, according to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
  • Lowers stress: Petting a dog can calm you down. Did you know playing with your pet can elevate the chemicals in your brain that are responsible for mood?
  • Increases your physical fitness: Dogs need to be walked several times a day. This means their owners must get moving frequently.
  • Teaches responsibility: Pets require a lot of attention. They need to be fed, walked, groomed and played with. Kids can learn to take part in regularly caring for their animal from a young age.
  • Provides home security: Did you know that intruders are less likely to break into a home if there is a barking dog inside? Burglars don’t want to draw attention to themselves, so a yapping dog will send them away.

Now that you know the many ways dogs can improve your lifestyle, you’ll have a fighting chance the next time the topic comes up!

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