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Pros and cons of being a twin

Kidsday reporter Aidan Hynes, of St. Anne's School,

Kidsday reporter Aidan Hynes, of St. Anne's School, Garden City, and his twin brother, Luke. Credit: Karen Hynes

Being a twin can be good and other times it can be a challenge. I am a twin, and my brother’s name is Luke.

It is good being a twin because I have my brother to play with. We can both help each other with homework. We can both stand up for each other. We like most of the same things.

Here are three more things about Luke and me. Luke and I have always shared a room. It is so great to share a room so we can make tunnels and forts. We play games and cards inside of them. Our favorite card game right now is Palace.

We both like to play sports. We play soccer, baseball and tag. We both really like to play tennis and we play for long periods of time in the dead end across from our house. When we come in, we are very tired and out of breath.

People confuse us no matter where we go. Sometimes it gets annoying. I don’t even think we look that alike. Our gym teacher still can’t get our names right after five years!

It is not easy being a twin when we can’t decide what sport to play. Sometimes we can't decide on where to eat. One of us wants junk food and the other one doesn’t.

That is what is good and not good about being a twin.

Michelle Indrieri’s fifth-grade class, St. Anne's School, Garden City

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