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Twist and Smash'd: One hot spot for potatoes

The newly opened restaurant called Twist and Smash'd is a great place to go in Forest Hills. It's something special that you probably can't find just anywhere. When you approach Austin Street, you see a big orange flag with the restaurant's logo. It's very hard to miss.

Once you walk in, you see a vibration of colors and a large menu. In the middle of the menu is their specialty, The Twisted Potato. It would be a shame to come here and not try it! The twisted potato is a potato on a stick. You can get burgers and chicken and all that stuff, but don't get it without the delicious Twisted and Smash'd potatoes.

Twist and Smash'd is an American restaurant. You can eat there or take it with you. I like it because the food is good. It's also really fun to just sit there. They always have my favorite pop music blasting, but not too loud. I also like to watch the diversity of people walk in. The staff is also very friendly. All in all, you should visit Twist and Smash'd; it's an all-out great place to be. It is located at 72-06 Austin St., Forest Hills, 718- 261-4527. Their website:

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