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Ty Burrell talks TV, fame

Actor Ty Burrell, the voice of Sherman, for

Actor Ty Burrell, the voice of Sherman, for the new movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman," posed with Kidsday reporters Varivashya Poladi, Alexis Aguiar, Kelly Chen and Evangelos Papadatos from PS 165 in Flushing at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan on Feb. 9, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met with actor Ty Burrell when he was in Manhattan recently. Besides starring as Phil on "Modern Family," he also did voices in the "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" movie and "Muppets Most Wanted."

Did you ever want to fight for a bigger part with the other actors?

That's a great question. You are competing for your parts with other actors, but generally everybody's pretty friendly to each other. And you kind of hope if you don't get that one, you'll get the next one, but yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a little wrestling match break out over a part.

You were in a play "Macbeth" on Broadway. What was it like to be in that play?

Wow, you were reading my bio. I loved that experience. I've only been on Broadway once and that was the play. We weren't there for very long. We didn't do that well, but we worked really hard and we tried very hard. It was a great experience. The play is a real exciting play to do. For Shakespeare, it is actually the shortest play, so it kind of happens really fast and we had a good time trying to put it on and it was really exciting being on Broadway.

How does being on Broadway compare to being on a TV show?

Being on stage is, you are part of the whole thing, if that makes sense. You're kind of a part of telling the whole story every night and that's fun and thrilling and sometimes scary because it's in front of a live audience. And when you're doing a TV show you're often just doing a little part of it. Like a little part of the story and then you don't see the whole story until it comes on the air. They're both fun in different ways, but in TV it's a little bit more of a mystery because you're like, I just shot my scenes and then I don't really know how the other scenes went. You know the script obviously because you read the script, but you don't really know how the scenes turned out until you see it. And in a play even when you're off the stage you can hear the play the whole night. So you hear the whole story every night and you got to know it really well. Sometimes too well. Like you . . . it gets in your head, you know the story. You do 150 performances sometimes so you know everybody's lines.

You play a really important role on the TV show "Modern Family." What does it feel like to work with so many other people?

It's fun. On the show I'm usually acting with a lot of people. We have lots of guest actors, we have the cast in the show, lots of people to react to and that's a lot of fun. This is really fun, too, but it's also fun to have a lot of people around and to be joking and stuff off screen.

You won an Emmy Award for the show "Modern Family." What was that like?

I was not expecting to win an Emmy. I'm just glad to have a job. I'm very lucky to have a job. But it was a very fun night. My wife was with me, so we celebrated, we hung out with my cast -- you know, the rest of the group in the show. Everybody was very excited because the show also won the Emmy that year. So we danced, we went out and danced until late. It was a lot of fun.

Has the pressure of being a star sometimes really made you regret being a movie star?

It's OK, I don't mind having people put pressure on me. And that's kind, I think, the way it is in our business, too. We do get pressure. You do get pressure from people and there's pressure to be on when you're in public. For fans and that kind of thing. But if you love what you do, you kind of do a little bit of math in your head and OK I think it's still worth it.

How do you deal with negative feedback and publicity, like even family and friends?

I try and just not read them. I think that's kind of the easiest way for me is to just avoid them altogether and that can be hard especially with the Internet. It's so available, but I do my best to just avoid them.

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