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Undergoing therapy at Polfit Wellness

Polfit Wellness is a place to go for intensive therapy for kids with cerebral palsy. It is located in Brea, California.

Polfit Wellness has three phases of therapy: "UGAL" Cage Exercise, Suit Therapy and Spider Web Therapy. The therapy can last for almost a whole month. The amount of time you spend in therapy depends on a person's needs.

I went out there for the therapy. The "UGAL" cage exercise starts with a patient lying on a table. A physical therapist stretches muscles in that person's body. They also put hot packs on a patient's back and legs if the person is feeling pain.

During Suit Therapy, a patient wears a space suit; it helps to stretch your back. When the suit is on, the person is able to stretch and walk.

Spider Web Therapy helps with body alignment. It also helps people to walk on their own. This therapy is good for people who can partially walk on their own.

In Spider Web Therapy, you could walk on a treadmill, jump on a trampoline or walk on a Stepper. I think Polfit Wellness offers a happy environment; everyone who has a physical disability should try it.

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