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A new Uno with a twist you'll flip over

Kidsday reporters Samara Gray, left, and Valeria Arevalo

Kidsday reporters Samara Gray, left, and Valeria Arevalo playing Uno Flip! Credit: Jean Mahland

We had the opportunity to play Uno Flip! (Mattel Games) in our classroom. Uno Flip! is similar to the original game Uno, however, it also has a new exciting twist.

Uno Flip! Is played the same way as Uno with one exception — both sides of the deck are used. The second side has new colors and special cards that add to the excitement of the game. The players match cards in their hand to the card on top of the discard pile by either number or color. The deck includes special action cards such as skip-a-turn and wild cards. When the flip card is played, the whole game changes. All the players must flip their cards and begin playing the other side of the deck. All players are racing to be the first to discard all their cards. When only one card is left in your hand, don’t forget to call out, “Uno!”

We thought this game was fun and easy to play. We think you should all get flipped and buy Uno Flip!

Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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