Good Evening
Good Evening

Vanderbilt Museum offers out-of-this-world fun

Recently we went to the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport for a birthday party. As soon as we got there we ate pizza before we went into the museum. In the museum we saw a lot of cool stuff. There were shrunken heads from Indians. We also saw a mummy in a coffin.

Later that day we went to the planetarium, which is part of the Vanderbilt museum. We learned about outer space and the sun. We also saw a lot of cool constellations like Orion and Ursa Major.

We learned so many fun facts. We hope to visit again soon. The Vanderbilt museum and planetarium is such a great place. They even have workshops throughout the year for kids who are truly interested in science and all that goes on in our world and space. There are even dances and bands that come to play on the grounds.

The museum is located at 180 Little Neck Rd., Centerport. Call 631-854-5579 or go online:

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