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Ventriloquism sounds fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

One day I saw a ventriloquist in a show, and I really wanted to be one. So I tried and then I realized that it is very easy to talk without moving your lips. So follow along to learn how to be a ventriloquist. It’s not too hard to say those letters without moving your lips.

Some letters are easy to say that way, but there are words that are a challenge. Can you say a B word without moving your lips? Instead of saying B say D. The trick is to slur over the D so it sounds like B. To say the letter P, instead say T. If you want to say F, say the sound TH like in the word “thanks.” If you need to make the V sound, say TH like in the word “there.”

Just remember it will take a while to get the words right without moving your lips. Try to practice in front of a mirror every day to see how much you improve. Now you can use a puppet or even a sock puppet to put on a show. And when the puppet makes a joke, be sure to laugh when the audience laughs. After all the joke was funny, wasn’t it?

If you want to find out more, check out the site and look for ventriloquism. You can also watch YouTube videos.


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