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How we honor veterans in our school

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Veterans Day is Monday, Nov. 11. It is a day to honor military veterans and people that served in the United States Armed Forces. In our school, there are many ways that we show our appreciation for veterans.

In social studies class, students created a tribute to a veteran they know. It features the name, photo, branch of service and some of the accomplishments and years served.  These are then hung on the main lobby bulletin board called the Wall of Heroes.

Members of the National Junior Honor Society volunteer at a local 5k race, Run for the Warriors. Students sell rubber bracelets that they created to raise money and donate to the cause.

Students wrote notes thanking veterans and current members of the armed forces.

We also have an assembly with a veteran. Our math teacher in our school, Mr. Matthew Pellettier, is an Army veteran. He speaks to the eighth-graders about  serving our country.

Paul Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Copiague Middle School

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